Monthly Archives: October 2016

Cash Purchases

I know I’ve talked about cash purchases before.  I’d like to just talk about how amazing it is again.  I can’t urge you enough to get that snowball rolling.  It is so amazing to see the debt dwindle.

We use cash only and we have a bit more in savings than you should with our constantly different income levels per month.  But whenever we need to purchase something larger, we always have the cash.  I’m not talking cars or anything, just an appliance, or a mattress….stuff like that.  We decided to upgrade one of the beds in our house for guests.  The old us would have put that on a 0% interest financing card and paid it off in little installments over a few years.  The new us walked right into the store and picked out the mattress and paid in cash.  It’s ours!  Right now!  No waiting!  No owing!  What a fluffy, happy, shiny, feel good feeling.

No matter the purchase (except for a house), cash is king.  Another thing about cash, at the grocery stores I’ve run into a few instances where their machines were down and guess who was the only one in the store who could still purchase their groceries?  Me!  I remember when no one accepted debit cards, now everyone uses them without thinking about the dollar amount going on them.

I have some friends who say they could never do that because they’re too afraid of money getting stolen from their bags.  How often have you had money stolen from your bag?  Never?  Then I wouldn’t worry about it too much!  If you just can’t get past it, carry smaller amounts out of the house.  The amount it saves you in the long run is worth it.

My new mattress is mine.  My car is mine.  Everything in my house is mine.  And that last debt keeps dwindling.  There’s nothing sweeter except maybe my children.

What are you waiting for?